MDC-Alliance vice president Tendai Biti says Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa “is the worst president ever” and his ineptitude will result in innumerable COVID-19 deaths in his country.

In an exclusive interview with UK-based television personality, Carole Nyakudya, Tendai Biti said Mnangagwa had totally bungled in his response to the global pandemic. Zimbabwe went into a 21-day lockdown on Monday after five confirmed cases and one death. By Wednesday midday, government had confirmed eight cases.

“When this thing was coming out in China, he did not put in a mechanism to contain this disease. He failed to put up an adequate high care facility. We only have the Wilkins Hospital, which is a primary TB and cholera isolation centre with only 50 beds. It has no ventilators, respiratory machines, no drugs and no sanitizers,” Biti told Zimbolive TV, adding “Mnangagwa is clueless”.

He believes there is consensus within the ruling ZANU PF that Mnangagwa is worse than his predecessor, Robert Mugabe, but the dilemma is the absence of an ideal figure to take over the reins.

The former finance minister, Biti, said they had expected government to facilitate mass testing, tracking, surveillance and isolation in an effort to stave off COVID-19.

“It was the MDC that broke the news that the country had sixteen ventilators and only eight were working,” he said.

He added that the opposition met representatives of the United Nations and various embassies including the United Kingdom’s to ask for assistance.

“We have a rogue called Mnangagwa. In South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa recognized he had a massive crisis on his hands. He engaged with opposition parties, but not so with Mnangagwa.

“He is a cantankerous illiterate individual who will kill our people because he thinks he can run it all alone,” Biti said.

The opposition leader is convinced Zimbabwe will soon turn the corner.

“There’s no situation that is permanent, change is the only constant. We struggled for 38 years under Robert Mugabe, but on one afternoon on the 21st of November 2017 he resigned and we celebrated in the streets of Harare. If we could remove Mugabe, what more of Mnangagwa? Change is coming sooner rather than later.”


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