WTS Energy has now increased its presence in Africa, with a new office in Mozambique. The boom in natural gas production in this part of the continent has demanded further investment from WTS Energy in Africa. With existing offices in Nigeria, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, the new establishment in Mozambique will increase its presence in this part of the world. The presence of companies like Shell, Anadarko, PTTEP, ENI and others in Mozambique indicates a tremendous opportunity for development.

Frederik Rengers, CEO of WTS Energy says, “Mozambique is rich in natural gas resource and this has spontaneously enticed the big players in the oil and gas market to develop projects here. Consequently, the higher demand for technical expertise. Our core strength is access to a global skill pool of petroleum, drilling and construction engineers and we also have a strong record of placing people in hard-ship regions.”

Corporate Office Address WTS Energy
Avenida da Namaacha 4 CMC, Sala 16,
Matola-Maputo Mozambique

Operational Office Address WTS Energy
Avenida do Aeroporto  Número 2713
Pemba Mozambique

Contact Person in Mozambique:
Rui Manuel Amorim (Based in Pemba) Country Representative
Tel: +258 82 46 86 580 rui.amorim@wtsenergy.com

Contact Person outside Mozambique:
Paolo Masi (Based in the Netherlands) Business Manager
Tel: +31 6 34976181 paolo.masi@wtsenergy.com

About WTS Energy Group
WTS Energy, headquartered in the Netherlands and Dubai, is one of the leading manpower supply company specialized in sourcing and supplying engineering professionals to the oil and gas companies across the world. With the main areas of business being upstream, midstream and downstream, they have a strong foothold in hardship regions like Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and so on. The multinational workforce of WTS Energy is a strong asset which helps in tapping into the Western, Asian and regional skill-pool.

Visit http://www.wtsenergy.com to know more. For more info, contact Shoba Soman shoba.soman@wtsenergy.com


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