Kenyan TV and radio stations will have to tone down some of their daytime shows according to new regulations, which have just been released.

The document says:

Save for educational programmes which may require graphic details, no broadcasting station shall air programmes including interactive call-ins or discussion sessions whose content is suitable for adult only audience during the watershed period.

The watershed period is defined as between 5am and 10pm.

The BBC’s Anne Soy in Nairobi says that popular radio stations in the country often broadcast explicit content during peak hours to attract audiences.

She adds that a morning ride to work on a bus in Kenya will likely have you listen to radio call-ins from fathers confessing to having sexual feelings for their children, or women who are dissatisfied with the performance of their husbands in the bedroom.

Also banned from the airwaves are religious programmes that solicit money from audience in exchange for blessings.


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