In Ethiopia – a country now being praised and adored by international community after her Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s good approach to country’s restoration from past negatives, ethnic violence might try to dull the goods he has done.

On Friday, Fana radio – linked to the State reported that about 21 people were killed in two days of ethnic clashes in the southern part of the country.

The radio reported that violence broke out near the town of Moyale, on the border with Kenya, in a region claimed by the Oromo, the largest ethnic group in the country, and the Somali ethnic group.

Also, 61 people were injured in the fighting, Fana further reported, citing the Oromia regional state communication officer.

Reports also say three students were killed and at least 34 others gravely injured after ethnic fight erupted in the campus.

Many more were displaced by the fighting in the region which has regularly been the scene of inter-communal violence.

In 2017, the fighting between members of the two ethnic groups left more than a million people displaced.

This new deadly games might tarnish the reputation of Prime Minister Abiy whose stay in power is less than a year.


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