Today’s world economy of competitors, does not allow companies to monopolize in car renting. Self drive is the most common spoken word if one needs to experience nature at its best in Uganda. Uganda having an ocean of car rental agencies providing different services like air conditioned cars, Mp3 system, mobile phones with sim cards, tour guides and travel guide books that inspire more about Uganda on a self drive safari. Also you have a chance to spectate through the beautiful and lush green rolling hills of Uganda feeling the comfort zone being behind the wheels of the rented car in Uganda accompanied by the bumpy humps on the surfaced roads of the country side. One requires relaxing and taking in the fresh breeze from the mist covered rain forests. Most self-independent travellers are advised to book early for the car rentals in order not to hassle on arrival at the airport looking for car agencies in Uganda. Share with us tips and benefits of hiring a car whether for guided or self drive in Uganda, the pearl of Africa.

Affordable Rental Costs

Given the number of car rental agencies in Uganda, the cost of hiring a car tends to slumber little bit down due to competition but this does not mean that you will not get quality serviced cars.Depending on the kind of vehicle you prefer, the price normally ranges  from USD45 to USD200  with a variety of cars ranging from super custom van, Toyota land cruisers, Rav4s, Nissan Patrols all feasible to your preferred tour destination, custom made to suite your travel needs and travel companions.

Availability and different types of cars

Car rental agencies give you a wide range of options to choose from, be it custom made,manual or auto transmission ,luxury cars, budget and shoe string, high class just name it.Toyota rav4, Nissan patrol, Toyota land cruisers, customized jeeps, extended land cruisers, minivan super custom vans are the commonly used cars however the luxurious land cruisers and jeeps are also at your service.


Self-drive cars are in most cases in good service and comprehensively insured to help the travellers in case of any accident relating the company’s insurance policy. Renting an insured car in Uganda reduces the costs of importing your own car that will need insurance again when you reach Uganda. However you should use the car as yours to maximum care given the insurance terms on payments.  In cases circumstances anything happened while driving like head on collision, the insurance only pays when you have been extra care full or after the insurance company investigations. Most of this insurance only caters for the car and third parties so you are advised to have your travel medical and life insurance with you.

Privacy on a self-drive

As we travel, we all think of enjoying our self drive trip to the maximum and this cannot happen in the company of a guide thus when self driving. Privacy is one thing you are assured to have as you enjoy the nature of Uganda’s tropical rain forests and wildlife. The privacy and freedom,one could feel traveling with family on a self drive safari and this option presents the freedom to enjoy an inspirational journey in Uganda’s

Choice of self-drive car in Uganda

Rental cars provide with you options of self-drive or guided trips travelling through preferred destinations  in Uganda. However self drive is the best option touring around the pearl of Africa which gives you more options to stop at preferred shopping Centers, markets or eye catching impressions through Uganda. When given a chauffeur, this will limit stop overs at your preferred Centre along the journey due suggestions and advice provided by him. Lastly but not least,hiring a car in a foreign country is the best way to go if you prefer traveling privately or require services of a driver. You can get in touch with some of the legit car rental companies like Car rental Uganda, road trip Uganda and Auto Rental Uganda as some of the best and reliable companies recommended.


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