Political Risk Analysis - Tail Risks Unlikely To Threaten Political Stability - FEB 2018

BMI View : Botswana will remain one of the most politically stable countries in Southern Africa over our long-term forecast period to 2026. Although risks exist in the form of climate change and high levels of inequality, these are unlikely to pose a substantial threat to the country's political stability.

Botswana is likely to continue enjoying a reputation for being Southern Africa's most stable state. Minimal levels of social unrest, strong state institutions, and a history of policy continuity all contribute to an attractive operating environment for businesses that we believe will continue to attract investment in the years to come. While we do highlight certain risks to this outlook, such as the potential instability that could follow from country's exposure to climate change and its high levels of inequality, we do not believe these will lead to any significant deterioration in Botswana's political environment over the next decade.

Long-Term Political Risk Index

Long-Term Stability Will Be A Boon For Investment
Botswana - Long-Term Political Risk Index, Scores Out Of 100
Source: BMI

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