Political Risk Analysis - President Sisi To Secure Second Term In 2018 - JAN 2018

BMI View: President Sisi is highly likely to secure a second term in Egypt ' s upcoming elections , scheduled for March-April 2018 . This will broadly be positive for political and economic stability in the country over the coming years, although security risks are set to persist.

We expect President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to secure a second term in Egypt's upcoming elections. After the president rejected proposals to extend his current term limit in early November, these elections now appear highly likely to take place in March-April 2018. Sisi's re-election will be positive for political and economic stability in Egypt over the short- to-medium term, ensuring further progress on IMF-stipulated reforms. However, continued suppression of the political opposition and restrictions of personal freedoms will fuel radicalisation, and result in persisting risks of widespread social unrest.

President Sisi Highly Likely To Secure Second Term In 2018...

Sisi Re-Election Positive For Policy Continuity, But Security Risks Will Persist
Egypt & MENA Average - Short Term Political Risk Index Scores (Out Of 100)
Note: Higher score indicates lower risk. Source: BMI

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