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Key stories from this month's issue...

Political Risk Analysis - Another Missed Election: Key Scenarios - JUNE 2017

East & Central Africa April 2017 / Congo / Political Risk

Despite the increasing likelihood that a presidential election will not go ahead in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2017, President Kabila will not be successful in holding onto office long into 2018. UN and donor support for his administration would likely be removed, leaving little options for the incumbent president but to step down. However, given the country's violent history, risks lie firmly to the downside.


Economic Analysis - Structural Adjustment Will See Borrowing Costs Fall - JUNE 2017

North Africa April 2017 / Egypt / Economy

A drastic reduction in subsidy payments, coupled with a steady uptick in revenues as real GDP growth improves, will see Egypt's fiscal deficit steadily reduce over the next several years. This is in line with a broader economic readjustment in the wake of its 2016 IMF deal which will see investor sentiment towards the country improve and borrowing costs diminish.


Industry Trend Analysis - Limited Credit Demand Will Constrain Banking Sector Growth - JUNE 2017

Southern Africa April 2017 / Mozambique / Economy

Demand for credit from both the public and private sectors will remain weak over the next two years in Mozambique. This will pose a headwind to asset growth in the country's commercial banking sector over this short-term outlook.


Economic Analysis - Construction And Hydrocarbons Will Drive Robust Growth - JUNE 2017

West Africa April 2017 / Cameroon / Economy

Cameroon will be a regional outperformer in terms of economic growth in the coming years. In particular, we highlight opportunities in the construction, hydrocarbons and agricultural sectors.