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Key stories from this month's issue...

Economic Analysis - Burgeoning Sectors Will Drive Growth Outperformance - JAN 2017

East & Central Africa November 2016 / Tanzania / Economy

Tanzania will see robust growth not only in the short term, but in our medium to long-term outlook. This will be driven by growth in a number of smaller sectors, such as hydrocarbons, manufacturing and retail despite the flagship Agriculture sector underperforming.


Political Risk Analysis - Minimal Political Reforms Ahead - JAN 2017

North Africa November 2016 / Algeria / Economy

The ruling elite's efforts to consolidate power will limit risks of widespread unrest in Algeria over the next few years. In the long term, this strategy will prove unsustainable, as lower oil prices and a lack of economic diversification force Algiers to drastically cut public sector jobs and welfare programmes.


Economic Analysis - Unavoidable Cuts Will Prove A Bitter Pill - JAN 2017

Southern Africa November 2016 / Mozambique / Economy

A commitment to austere fiscal policy in a bid to stabilise the government's debt burden will see a narrowing of the budget deficit over the coming quarters, despite constrained revenue growth. While this will gradually improve the sustainability of the country's debt burden, it poses downside risks to growth and political stability.


Economic Analysis - Bongo Re-Election Paves Way For Reform Agenda - JAN 2017

West Africa November 2016 / Gabon / Economy

Economic growth will accelerate over our short-term outlook for Gabon, as the economy moves away from a slowdown caused by lower commodity prices. The re-election of President Ali Bongo Ondimba in the September 2016 election will offer a boon for policy continuity and the country's broad reform agenda that looks to diversify the economy away from oil.