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Key stories from this month's issue...

Economic Analysis - Tepid Recovery As Copper Boosts But Inflation Weighs On GDP Growth - MAY 2017

East & Central Africa March 2017 / Congo / Economy

Higher copper prices and production will drive a recovery in 2017 largely thanks largely to rising exports. This recovery will only be tepid though as, although higher copper-related revenues will support the government's finances, the need to rebuild a savings buffer and to fund an election will prevent outright fiscal expansion. GDP growth will also be constrained by high levels of inflation which will erode the purchasing power of the large pool of low earners.


Macroeconomic Forecasts - Egypt - MAY 2017

North Africa March 2017 / Egypt / Economy



Economic Analysis - Economy Will Continue To Suffer Fallout From Debt Crisis - MAY 2017

Southern Africa March 2017 / Mozambique / Economy

A lack of investment into the economy will see real GDP growth trough in Mozambique over the coming quarters. The early stages of development in the liquefied natural gas sector and a more stable exchange rate will be the main drivers of economic expansion during this challenging two-year period.


Political Risk Analysis - Anglophone Protests Won't Threaten Economic Development - MAY 2017

West Africa March 2017 / Cameroon / Economy

Protests by the Anglophone portion of the Cameroonian population will continue in the coming quarters, as the government's heavy-handed reaction to demonstrations foments further tensions. While the unrest will create some operational challenges in the Southwest and Northwest regions, it is unlikely that it will have a serious long-term economic impact given that much economic activity is concentrated elsewhere.