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Key stories from this month's issue...

Political Risk Analysis - Prospects For State-Building Remain Slim Amongst Structural Headwinds - MAR 2017

East & Central Africa January 2017 / Congo / Political Risk

Domestic and international efforts at state-building in the Democratic Republic of Congo will be undermined by structural challenges, varying in nature from the sheer size of the country to its lack of democratic roots. While political volatility will likely be a frequent occurrence over our long-term outlook, these structural headwinds to stability will make it difficult for successive governments to progress with the state-building project.


Economic Analysis - Growth To Remain Lacklustre - MAR 2017

North Africa January 2017 / Egypt / Economy

Egypt's economic growth will pick up marginally over the coming quarters, however, a beleaguered tourism sector and muted expansion in fixed investment will mean growth is far below potential and has a minimal impact on unemployment. We remain significantly below Bloomberg consensus on growth in 2017.


Industry Forecast - Weak Lending Environment Will Remain Drag On Sector Growth - MAR 2017

Southern Africa January 2017 / Mozambique / Industry

A lack of confidence amongst the population and a challenging economic climate will see growth in Mozambique's banking sector remain well below its historic trend over the coming quarters. In this environment, it is likely that smaller banks will face a growing risk of liquidation by Banco de Mo?ambique.


Economic Analysis - Fiscally Expansive Policies Spurring Economic Resilience - MAR 2017

West Africa January 2017 / Cameroon / Economy

Cameroon's programme of public investment will keep growth elevated in the coming quarters, with a number of large projects underway. Furthermore, production of natural gas from 2018 will offer tailwinds to the trade balance.